Old crow - tremolo pedal

The rhythmic raising and lowering of volume, is one of the oldest and most classic guitar effects. The Millipede FX – ‘Old Crow’ Tremolo will transport your tone from subtle, warm volume changes to a rapid, stuttering tremolo vibe.  Featuring Speed, Depth and Volume controls to dial in your perfect tone and to give you a heads-up, visual indicator of the speed of the effect the top LED will flash the same rate as the tremolo!

Also featuring an inbuilt, switchable buffer as seen in our famous ‘Homeworld’ and ‘Pistachio Sundae’ buffer pedals.  This amazing circuit allows you to hear the true voice of your guitar cut through the mix.  The Tremolo and Buffer circuits can be used together, independently or bypassed entirely allowing for maximum flexibility – this really is a two in one guitar pedal.

The Millipede FX – ‘Old Crow’ is one of the most versatile tremolos available, so fun and inspiring that you won’t want to turn it off!...


SPEED - Allows you to adjust the overall rate of the tremolo effect.  The slower setting provides a traditional lush, soothing tremolo effect while the higher setting delivers a tighter more aggressive stutter tone.

DEPTH - The Depth control interacts directly with the Speed control to deliver the overall tone and rhythm of your tremolo effect.  At the lower depth settings the tone is subtle and mostly dry. Then as the depth knob is increased and blended with the rate the tremolo becomes more pronounced.

LEVEL - A volume control lets you cut or boost the output level. 

 *** Please Note: This particular pedal type is custom built to order, please allow a 7-10 day build time from order date***


·         Custom Graphics, Yellow Enclosure, Multiple Clear Coats for durability.

·         Hammond 1590BB Aluminium Enclosure – Dimensions: 4.67” L x 3.68” W x 1.18” H.

·         High Quality 1/4 Inch Input and Output Jacks.

·         2.1mm 9V DC Power Jack (for use with ‘Boss’ style Wall Wart Power – not included).

·         High Quality 3PDT Footswitch with True Bypass wiring.

·         Diffused Yellow ‘tremolo rate indicator’ LED, Effect Engaged/Bypassed LED, and Buffer Engaged/Bypassed LED.

·         Inbuilt, switchable buffer circuit included.

The pedal is fitted with a 2.1mm 9V DC ‘Boss’ style Power Jack. (NOTE: There is no battery snap installed.)

Every pedal is individually hand made and assembled by me. No two pedals are alike. Ihand wire each pedal, apply the spray paint and custom graphics by hand. There may be some small visual imperfections. However, each one is tested for sound and build quality, personally.

The Millipede FX pedals can be customised with different colours and graphics.

FOR EXAMPLE: Why not put your band’s logo, your favourite album or your pet’s photo on the pedal. You can contact me to discuss your preferences.

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$129USD + $14 shipping

(to USA or Canada)

***Millipede FX can ship to anywhere in the world.  If you are outside North America please contact us for a shipping quote***

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