the underground - tube - boost/distortion 

‘The Underground’ – Tube – Boost/Distortion pedal by Millipede FX employs a vacuum tube at its heart to bring a natural richness, shimmer and sustain to your tone. 

​Now you are not limited only by the tones you can dial in with the controls and switches on-board, but you can physically change the tube itself to suit the sound!! The tube is socketed and can be swapped in and out and experimented with. For example a 12AT7/ECC81 is perfect for mid-gain applications, 12AX7/ECC83 for higher-gain and the 12AU7/ECC82 for all around performance.

​‘The Underground’ takes its styling cues from the old-school tube amp heads of yesteryear and is fitted with ‘Gain’, ‘Tone’ and ‘Master Volume’ knobs on the side of the enclosure.  It also features both a capacitor and diode selector switches for various tone combinations.

​The warm sound of a 12AU7 vacuum tube can take your sound from bluesy style boost right through to heavy, harmonic distortion!


Hammond 1590B Aluminium Enclosure – Dimensions: 4.4” L x 2.4” W x 1.25” H.

Includes 12AU7 - 9 pin tube

High Quality 1/4 Inch Input and Output Jacks.

2.1mm 9V DC Power Jack (for use with ‘Boss’ style Wall Wart Power – not included).

High Quality 3PDT Footswitch with True Bypass Wiring.

High Quality Potentiometers and Control Knobs.

Diffused White effect LED. Blue LED to backlight tube.

The tube itself is backlit with a blue LED, while the effect engaged indicator LED is a diffused white LED.  The LED color combinations can be custom changed to suit your taste, please just let me know if you would like different LED colors.

Ships standard with a 12AU7 tube, but this can be substituted with a 12AT7 or 12AX7 depending on your needs.  Please contact me if you’d like an alternate tube.

The pedal is fitted with a 2.1mm 9V DC ‘Boss’ style Power Jack. (NOTE: There is no battery snap installed.)

​Every pedal is individually hand made and assembled by me. No two pedals are alike. Ihand wire each pedal, apply the spray paint and custom graphics by hand. There may be some small visual imperfections. However, each one is tested for sound and build quality, personally.

The Millipede FX pedals can be customized with different colors and graphics.FOR EXAMPLE: Why not put your band’s logo, your favorite album or your pet’s photo on the pedal. You can contact me to discuss your preferences.

​Finally, visit my Website for more photos, information and demos at:


$139USD + $14 shipping

(to USA or Canada)

***Millipede FX can ship to anywhere in the world.  If you are outside North America please contact us for a shipping quote***

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