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Smooth Vinyl - Overdrive Pedal


Based around the classic Electra Distortion pedal with a number of custom modifications to the circuit. It is designed to deliver a smooth signal boost in the lower gain/boost  settings building up to a powerful distortion effect!

Controls: The “Smooth Vinyl” Distortion Pedal has a simple gain level knob on the left and a boost/distortion knob on the right.  The circuit has also been fitted with switch which allows the removal of the diodes for a ‘boost’ effect.  Please note that this boost change is most noticeable only at the higher gain settings.


* Custom Graphics, Black Paint, and Multiple Clear Coats for durability.

* Hammond 1590B Aluminum Enclosure – Dimensions: 4.4" L x 2.4" W x 1.25" H

* High Quality ¼ Inch Input and Output Jacks.

* 2.1mm 9V DC Power Jack (for use with “Boss” Style wall wart power – not included).

* High Quality 3PDT Footswitch with True Bypass Wiring.

* High Quality Potentiometers and Control Knobs.

* Diffused Orange LED.

* Each Pedal comes with optional rubber foot pads.

The pedal is fitted with a 2.1mm 9V DC 'Boss style' power jack (Note: there is no battery snap installed).

Every pedal is individually hand made and assembled by me. No two pedals are alike. I hand wire each pedal and apply the spray paint and custom graphics by hand so there may be some small visual imperfections.  However each one is tested for sound and build quality personally.

All Millipede FX pedals can be customised with different colours and graphics.  Why not put your band’s logo, your favourite album cover or your pet dog’s photo on the pedal.  Please contact me to discuss your preferences.

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