A lifelong love of music, guitars, art, and electronics has evolved into a passion for building guitar pedals. 
Every pedal is individually hand made and assembled by me. No two pedals are alike. Each one is personally tested for sound and build quality. 


All Millipede FX pedals can be customized with different colours and graphics. 


Why not put your band’s logo, your favourite album cover or your pet dog’s photo on the pedal? 


Please contact me to discuss your preferences or visit my Etsy Shop to Order.


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06 Jul 2014

Three new pedals for sale!

Check out these three awesome new pedals for sale:

'Pistachio Sundae - Mini Buffer Pedal

'Old Crow' - Tremolo Guitar Pedal

'Road Trip' - Reverb Guitar Pedal

Here are some of the latest reviews of Millipede FX -Custom Guitar Pedals:

Millipede FX - Mini Buffer - Guitar Switch Pedal -'Homeworld' - Grey (Metal)

wow! this little buffer is GREAT! it adds a light "sweetness" to your tone, clearing up the mud but not adding any unwanted highs...good construction and so small it was easily added to my (way to full) pedalboard! thanks Millipede - Ryan. S

Millipede FX - Tube - Boost / Distortion - 'The Underground' - 2014 - Metal/Grey

5 stars!! Super knowledgable and informative. Cool products and he's fast as lightninght! Great prices too. All around great expirience, would totally purchase more !!! - Jonathan F.

Millipede FX - 'Summer's Day Delay' - Echo / Delay Guitar Pedal - 2014 - Fuchsia

Great seller. Superior build quality. The best delay pedal I've ever owned. I wish I would have had this pedal along time ago. I've owned many brand name delay pedals and NONE of them come close to Millipede FX. - Tim W.


07 may 2014

Millipede Fx - Has gone international!

Now available in Japan!

Millipede FX - Now available in Japan!! Check out the listings on '' - at:

31 may 2014

sneak peak at two awesome new millipede fx pedals!

Sneak peak at two awesome new Millipede FX pedals being released next week! The ‘Old Crow’ - Tremolo Guitar Pedal and the ‘Tribal Tattoo’ - Mini Guitar Headphone Amp... grab yours next week!

Millipede FX is taking a break for a few months while my wife and I welcome a brand new member to the Millipede FX family!! I'll be back working in the pedal building laboratory in a few months’ time.

Rock on!
Millipede FX